Welcome to Premium Flower Exports.

We get fresh flowers delivered from our dedicated suppliers on a daily basis.  We also buy export quality flowers at Multiflora Flower Auction .  In this way we enable our clients to have  access to the  full range of flowers available in  South-Africa.

Our office at the Johannesburg Flower Auction has cold store facilities and we pack all the export quality flowers in our own boxes that to ensure the quality of the flowers is maintained. We ensure the cold chain is maintained, by using refrigerated truck to the airport, we vacuum cool the products and keep them at our fridges at the airport until they are going to the airplane.

If you want us to send flowers to your company. Our expert team from Premium Flowers will organize the flight, export documents and make sure your products are at your doorstep within 48 hours.

We are looking forward to your enquiry: sales@premiumflowerexport.com